Selected Working Papers

(with Thiago Scot and Ricardo Dahis) R&R, Review of Economics and Statistics

Crime, Punishment and Prevention: The Effect of a Legal Reform on Violence Against Women. 2020

Can better courts prevent crime? 2021

Selected Work in Progress

Promotion, Performance, and Diversity in the Brazilian Judiciary (with Thiago Scot and Ricardo Dahis)

Do labor inspections make a difference? An analysis of the firms’ dynamics and efficiency of actions in Brazil

(with Ísis Ferreira Lira , Ricardo da Silva Freguglia and Gustavo Maurício Gonzaga)

Cost-effectiveness analysis of polyclinics

(with Luis Eugenio Portela Fernandes de Souza, Erika Santos de Aragão, Vinícius de Araújo Mendes, Rosana Aquino Guimarães Pereira, Diana Lúcia Gonzaga da Silva and Kecia Miranda da Silva)

Funding from Inter-American Development Bank and Bahia State Department of Health